Tmpagespeed FAQs

How can I install Tmpagespeed? You can install the app from Shopify App store then open the app and follow instruction.
Why do I need to remove password protection ? Just like Shopify, Google Pagespeed or any other tools, Tmpagespeed can not analyze password protected pages.
How many times can I optimize my store ? You can run it as many times as you want however there are limited number of pages that can be saved and activated depended on the plan.
Can TMpagespeed optimize the mobile version of my store ? Yes, Tmpagespeed can optimize both mobile and desktop versions of the theme.
If i change the theme, is it still working ? Tmpagespeed can only analyze and optimize the published theme. If you change the theme, you will need to optimize the new theme.
Is there any chance my store will be broken ? There is no risk here. If something wrong happens, you just need to deactivated the broken pages and contact our support team. We don't know what theme and apps you are going to use so we can not sure all our optimzation methods will compatible with them. But if your theme is from Shopify app store and is not heavily customized then we are sure it will compatible with at least one of our optimzation methods.
My store has only 5 products, should i optimize all product pages individually or optimize product template ? Optimizing individual pages is recommended, the result usually better.
What happens if I optimize both product pages and product template ? Optimized individual pages have higher priority and they will be used.

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